Accounting and Audit Services

Accounting services

Accounting and Audit services from Copia Wealth and Tax Chartered Accountants, WolverhamptonWe help ensure our clients can do what they do best – running and growing their business.

We take away the painful, time-consuming processes such as bookkeeping, payroll and accounts production and ensure they are done accurately, cost-effectivley and on time.

Our services include the following:

We can also set up your accounting in the cloud enabling you to access your accounting information any time and from anywhere. Click here to find out more

Our compliance services are backed by a fixed fee arrangement and a commitment to meet with you as regularly as you wish to explain your numbers and their implications in layman’s terms.

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Auditing and assurance services

Some of our clients seek audit or assurance for regulatory or constitutional reasons, others because they seek the comfort of external assurance over their accounts. At Copia, we can provide these services as your auditors, independent examiners or assurance providers through our registration with ICAEW ensuring a quality service without paying large firm prices.

Our services include:

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