Tax Planning

Tax planning from Copia Wealth and Tax, WolverhamptonWe’ve met many business owners who complain about the size of their tax bills. Worse still, many are infuriated when their accountant informs them after the event that they could have done something about it before it was too late.

Your Tax Advisors

At Copia Wealth & Tax we see that as a dereliction of duty. As your tax advisors, our approach starts with holding a tax planning meeting with you, ahead of your year end, to assess the potential profits for the year and the tax bill this could possibly generate. We then explore with you the possibilities and opportunities available to reduce the bill significantly, including any risks involved. You then have all the knowledge at your disposal to make informed decisions regarding the tax bill you are going to receive.

Informed Decision Making Through Tax Planning…

If you are a sole trader we will annually assess the potential tax benefit of incorporating your business to ensure you make that switch at the most opportune time to minimise your future tax bills.

By undertaking pro-active planning, most taxes can be reduced or even eliminated so contact us now to book a meeting to explore planning opportunities with:

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