Wealth Planning

Wealth planning - green shoots of growth emerging from money jars illustrating how Copia Wealth and Tax can help you grow your wealth and plan for your retirement and prepare an exit strategy

At Copia Wealth & Tax we recognise that your business is often a means to an end, making wealth planning a vitally important aspect – ultimately it is about helping you generate the wealth you need for a comfortable and enjoyable retirement.

We will help you focus on your personal balance sheet as well as your business balance sheet. We’ll encourage you to produce an annual personal balance sheet to enable you to be clear on what level you want your personal assets to reach and by when.

Wealth Planning, Seeing the Bigger Picture…

Having a complete picture of your personal assets and liabilities as well as your aspirations for the future enables us to ensure you get the best advice on maximising your asset base without creating potential tax liabilities along the way.

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Retirement and Exit Planning

Business owners often approach retirement without having a clear picture of what their retirement pot is going to be or what their tax exposure is. This can lead to an underwhelming pension and concerns about the future.

At Copia Wealth & Tax, we ensure this doesn’t happen to you by:

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